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ARC Log Pusher

Pushers are generally employed where a reliable transfer of logs is required from a conveyor to a log deck. Pushers are also capable of processing logs delivered into its Hopper from a conveyor and log deck simultaneously.


Pushers have been increasingly used instead of kicking logs off a conveyor due to higher throughput and more reliable log delivery requirements.

The ARC log pusher was designed to withstand the large impact loads caused by dense large-diameter logs often moving at high speeds. The robust and balanced design does not compromise on productivity or efficacy, achieving better performance than typical pusher designs.

The ARC will reduce mill maintenance and cleaning costs due to the machine’s external drive and mechanism plus minimized debris catch points.   

Three Main Design Features:
  • Extremely robust support frame, log lifting arm, and drive components with the mechanism and drive on the outside of the bin walls.

  • A balanced log lifting arm allows for the use of an electric drive instead of hydraulics.

  • Residuals removal optimized with an open-end frame and minimal catch points.

Arc Log Pusher - Wood Processing Equipment
Other Benefits Include:
  • Can be customized for unique situations, log diets, and available space.

  • Counterbalance is installed underneath the log lifting arm, minimizing frame profile.

  • Built-in tail sprockets maximizes height gain and can be tailored for your specific needs.

  • Log landing hopper separated from the pusher to isolate log impact loads.

  • Improved drive efficiency from optimized external drive and lifting mechanism.

  • Remote manual greasing for spherical bushings is standard. Optional automatic lubrication is available.

  • All drive components are standard parts and readily available.

  • Includes VFD electrical drive and pre-wired control devices.

  • Includes mechanical safety pin c/w control interlocks.

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