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ALSLS Log Singulator

Next Generation Log Singulator|GCARDESIGN|ALSLS
The ‘ALL LIVE SURFACE LOG SINGULATOR’  (ALSLS) is designed to improve the performance and reduce the deficiencies of the existing generation of log singulators.  Not only does the ‘ALSLS’ improve upon the existing log singulators, but can reduce the capital cost of residuals systems and support structures, plus fit into low basements situations where other step feeders can-not.


The optimum configuration for the ‘ALSLS’ is to use two separate modules, the infeed separating module and the outfeed singulating module.


Some applications may only require a singulating module, but should be discussed with a GCAR Design Co. representative.

Three Main Design Features:
  • A reciprocating and balanced self cleaning machine using two complimentary modules to first prepare/elevate the logs and then singulate them.  These modules can be customized for any existing or new short wood application.

  • All drive components are located outside the modules adjacent to the bin walls, for convenient inspection and maintenance plus unobstructed residuals flow into the conveyor below.

  • The singulating module contains profiled fins at each shelf transfer to ensure that double dealing of small diameter logs never occurs.

Next Generation Log Singulator|GCARDESIGN|ALSLS
Next Generation Log Singulator|GCARDESIGN|ALSLS
Other Benefits Include:
  • Feed speeds to 60 logs per minute, depending on log sizes.

  • Common and oversized mechanical components used to minimize maintenance frequency and cost.

  • Motor/Gearbox/drive mechanism can be located inside the machine or above the machine if requested or necessary.

  • The machine is self supporting and can be supported only at the ends from below the bin walls.

  • Less costly trucking to Mill site with two narrower and separate modules.

 (US PATENT #9,102,475 B2 & CANADA PATENT #2829448)
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