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Fastest Log Singulator|ALSLS
Fastest Log Singulator|ALSLS
Welcome to Next Generation Log Singulation

Continuous Improvement

All ALSLS models now come standard with spherical roller bearings at the rocker arm push rod pivot points to eliminate wear on the pins. This upgrade is retrofit-compatible with all previous machines.

NEW FEATURE for GCAR Design's Log Singulators

The Single Step ALSLS

GCAR's Single Step Log Singulator offers high speed and reliable singulation in a small form factor.

GCAR's ARC Log Pusher will elevate your mill's performance 

The ‘ARC’ Pusher is engineered to provide a Single Acting & balanced design, containing a robust & simple structure, an electric drive, oversized drive components and a complimentary hopper. 

In this short video we highlight FIVE new custom design features

These features were incorporated in our latest ‘ALL LIVE SURFACE LOG SINGULATOR’ (ALSLS). If you would like more information about our log singulators and how we can accommodate your existing sawmill installation with custom design features, please contact us here.

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Increase your machine’s life and reduce friction, wear and noise!

GCAR now offers optional greasing procedures including:
Lowest Cost, Remote Manual Lubrication, for some or all of the greasing points. This will allow greasing to be accomplished during the operating shift. (shown in photos above).

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